Gathering Stores Winter Sale

This winter sale (30% off of everything with the code WINTERREST! from now through December 1st) is an opportunity to practice, what I have begun to call, reciprocal generosity. In the energy of reciprocity, I wanted to give you easier access to my offerings to bless your journey this season, as well as, invite you in to helping me gather winter stores and sustainability.

The closer I align to the cyclical rhythms of body and earth, the more I understand the winter wisdom of rest, nourish and dream. I had the privilege last year of taking 6 weeks off from the Winter Solstice to Imbolc to rest my mind, body and soul and to dream into the new year. It was the foundation that I needed to begin on the Insight Timer platform, creating my Cycle Embroidery and start doing personal Tarot Readings.

I don’t know if I would be doing any of these if it wasn’t for my winter hibernation. You can learn more about my reflection from last year’s break on Episode #6 of Lunarscape.

Now here we are ending 2021 and preparing for the new year and because of external circumstances I’m not sure I will be able to take the time off to rest and dream. But wouldn’t it be magical to support one another as we go through this season so we can both be closer aligned to the natural rhythms of body and earth?

Well that is exactly what I hope for you, that one or more of these offerings can bring you more ease, flow, and gentleness as you journey through this season.

Everything on Sale:

Womb Wisdom

30% off of this self-study course to remember and reclaim your menstrual cycle as your source of power and wisdom. Use code: WINTERREST


Sacred Cycles Coven

One month free trial when you join the Coven, where together in community we weave cycle magic into being. No code needed and can cancel your membership at any time.

Intuitive Tarot

30% off of 30 and 60 minute one on one tarot readings, as well as, the year ahead readings for 2022. Use code: WINTERREST

Cycle Embroidery

30% off of all of my Cycle Embroidery creations. Use code: WINTERREST

The Learning Grove

All of my classes in the Learning Grove have now been moved to a reciprocal generosity pricing model. This is built upon the gift economy where you enroll on a donation basis or receive freely if you are not able to contribute.

Winter Solstice Retreat: A Winter's Rest

Last but definitely not least, the Winter Solstice online retreat will be the weekend of December 18-19. It is also on a reciprocal generosity pricing model, so you can join on a donation basis or receive freely.

Read the Full Transcript of the Video :

Hello, my beautiful community. Thank you for coming here to listen about my gathering winter stores sale.

So if you know anything about me, you know that I try to live aligned not only to the cycles of my body but also the cycle of the earth and the seasons. So as we are coming into this winter season here in the northern hemisphere, it is a time for resting and dreaming and visioning into the future. That necessary part of death and rebirth in the cycle.

So last year I had the privilege of taking six weeks off of work between the Winter Solstice and Imbolc just to replenish myself, nourish myself, and dream into the coming year that was happening. But because of certain circumstances in this last season, it’s not looking like it is possible for me to follow along with this rhythm this year. So I thought of, why not gather winter stores, you know in alignment with the ways my ancestors would have gathered the food for the winter.

I am here offering a sale for you as a gathering of the winter stores for myself and hopefully this will be a golden opportunity, not only for me, but for you as well because you can receive these offerings and services at a highly discounted rate. So the things that are on sale is basically everything that I offer is going to be 30% off. So that’s 30% off of tarot readings, of my course, womb wisdom, which is a self-study course now, off of my cycle embroidery work and then also you can get a free month, so 30 days free in the sacred cycles coven and then also all of my one-off classes have been moved to a reciprocal generosity pricing model and so that is where you can donate and give any amount that you feel led to give and if you don’t have any money that you can give for those offerings you can also receive them for free. And also, which is really exciting is the winter solstice retreat coming up on December 18th and 19th. Which is a online retreat that we have five different circle gatherings over the weekend full of magic, meditation, tarot, journaling and ritual making. It’s going to be such a lovely time together and that winter solstice retreat is also on reciprocal generosity.

So all of these on sale as an offering from me to you so that you can connect with your own cyclical rhythm and cycle magic as we move through this end of the year and into 2022.

So a little bit of background just so you know where these winter stores are going to be going towards if you decide to sign up for one of these offerings during this sale. A lot of you know that this past month our house was broken into and my partner’s laptop was stolen, so we are in need of replacing that. As well as, you know that a few months ago I lost my part-time teaching job and have been slowly trying to build this cycle work to a point that it can be sustainable. And so the idea of trying to create more sustainability through this winter season will allow me to dream, envision and rest and nourish myself for the coming year.

And, as well as, the other side of business marketing and administration is quite exhausting and especially when you’re moving away from capitalist systems and moving into more reciprocal generosity and gift economy, which is the direction I am going. So not wanting to come in this space trying to manipulate or cause false scarcity so that you will all sign up for something during this sale. No, I am wanting to give of this of my own generosity and love for this work and love for the collective so that you can find your own healing and liberation through cyclical living.

So gathering these winter stores will allow me to get a little bit of space where I don’t have to constantly be focusing on marketing and doing admin and can take a few weeks off just to be.

So I hope you will be able to take advantage of this sale and receive something that will really nourish your own soul as you are giving back and giving me that space that will nourish my soul.

If you have any problems or accessibility difficulties just contact me at my email

I hope that this sale is a blessing for your own time of resting and dreaming into this new year.

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