The time has come to say good-bye to India and move back to the land of my birth, Turtle Island (now known as the United States). Twelve years ago I gave away everything that I owned, packed up one suitcase, and moved across the world. Life in India has been everything except boring! I am so grateful for the way my life has unfolded. I know I wouldn’t be writing this today (or doing this cyclical work at all!) if it wasn’t for what I have been invited into because I risked it all to begin a new life those 12 years ago.

This summer moving sale is a practical need because my spouse and I, with our small savings, will not be able to purchase everything to set up a life in the US especially as he will not be able to apply for jobs for the first couple of months while we wait for his documents to go through.

And, of course, this is also a desire to give back in gratitude to all of you in this loving community! I believe it is just magical that we get to nourish and support upon one another in this reciprocal way. I hope that this sale is a blessing for you, just as I hope you know your support is for us. ❤️

Listed below are all of my offerings and how you can receive the discounted price during this sale, but if you are not really interested in receiving a gift and would like to donate to our moving fund, you can do so through our GoFundMe page.

Everything on Sale:

*For full transparency, all of my prices will be increasing after this sale to reflect the cost of living difference between India and the US. If you have been waiting to take a course from me or join our Coven community or book a tarot reading, this is the last time these offerings will be at these prices.

Summer of Pleasure: Solstice Retreat

The Summer Solstice online retreat will be the weekend of June 25-26. It is on a reciprocal generosity pricing model, so you can join by giving a donation or receiving freely.

Womb Wisdom

30% off of my signature course to remember and reclaim your menstrual cycle as your source of power and wisdom. Also when you purchase, you will get full access to the entire course now, as well as, be invited to the live course sessions beginning in September 2022.



Sacred Cycles Coven

Receive one full month FREE trial when you join the Coven, my membership community, where together we weave cycle magic into being. *No code necessary and you can cancel your membership at any time.

Intuitive Tarot Readings

30% off of 30 and 60 minute 1:1 tarot readings. My books are not currently open for 1:1 readings during this transition, but will open again in August. If you buy a 1:1 reading now at the discounted price, you can book in for your reading any time between August-December 2022.


The Learning Grove

All of my classes in the Learning Grove are on the donation based reciprocal generosity pricing model. This is built upon the gift economy where you enroll by giving a donation or receiving freely if you are not able to contribute.

Here are the classes currently available:

Cyclical Self-Care Workshop

Last but definitely not least, I am really excited to announce my first workshop on the app Insight Timer coming up on August 6th! During this three hour workshop you will be creating your own bespoke self-care plan aligned to your menstrual cycle or the lunar cycle.

Summer Moving Sale Ends in...

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Read the Full Transcript of the Video :

Hello Beautiful Souls!

Thank you for clicking on this video and honoring me with your presence here. Right now I am really excited to bring to you a summer moving sale. So what is this all about? Well for those of you that don’t know my spouse has received his visa to permanently reside in the United States. We are going to be moving in about one month’s time.

As you know moving costs money, even moving across the street can be costly but moving countries is more so and 12 years ago when I left the states and moved to India I sold off basically everything that I owned. So we are going to be arriving in the States with just a couple of suitcases and I thought what an amazing opportunity to create a win-win situation for us, my spouse and I, to support our move, but also for you to receive some lovely offerings and gifts for a discounted price. 

Maybe you have been sitting on and wondering when you could afford to purchase some of my offerings. So here’s what is on sale between now and July 1st. You can get 30% off of my course Womb Wisdom and when you pay now you will be invited to join our live sessions, meeting over eight weeks from September through October. You can also get thirty percent off of Tarot Readings. My books aren’t currently opened for one-on-one readings, but they will be opening for August through December so you can pay now get the 30% off and book in for a reading starting in August. Also, you can now sign up for a free month-long trial of the Sacred Cycles Coven, my membership community, so if you have been sort of sitting on the fence wondering when a good time would be to join the community you can now join for a whole month and see what it’s all about and then decide if you want to continue on or cancel the membership at any time.

Something that I am really excited about is the Summer of Pleasure Solstice Retreat coming up on the weekend of June 25th and 26th. We will be holding four circle gatherings over the weekend with times of connection and magic, meditation, tarot, ritual crafting, all of the above goodness that will be inviting you into embodying your pleasure and connecting to your senses over this summer season. So you can sign up for the Summer of Pleasure retreat through a reciprocal generosity model by giving a donation in any size that you are able to give.

I also have all of the classes under the Learning Grove, so those are things like the Inner Seasons Masterclass, the Chart Your Cycle Workshop and other classes, the tarot How to Read Tarot Intuitively Workshop, that I have run in the past that are now recorded and available for you through the reciprocal generosity donation model as well.

The last thing I will share is that coming up on August 6th I am also running a workshop through the app Insight Timer that is Cyclical Self-Care. This is a three-hour workshop where we will be creating a bespoke self-care plan to align with the energies of your menstrual cycle or the lunar cycle that you can sign up for today!

Now if you want to donate and help support our move and this transition that my partner and I are going through, but you really aren’t interested in any of these offerings, then I have we have also set up a GoFundMe page that you can donate monetarily which is greatly appreciated. Or if you live in or around Western Pennsylvania and want to donate household items that may be useful for us as we set up our house in the United States, we will also receive that, and you can email me at, if you would like to donate in that way.

A little bit more background on the sale, like I said earlier everything that I am gathering through this sale will go directly to supporting our move from India to the States. Like I said we’re only arriving with a few suitcases and setting up a house and a life especially with how things are in the States at the moment we’re going to need all of the support that we can receive, so inviting you to be a part of that. The other factors are that my spouse, Deepak, will not be able to work for a couple months when we land in the States as he has to wait for his social security number and has to apply for a driver’s license before he can get a job in his field. So we will just be relying on our savings and my work as a cyclical living guide at that time. And the reality that the cost of living in the United States is much more than the cost of living here in India. We have been able to support ourselves at a comfortable place to live here in Kolkata over the last few years, but reality is I am going to have to increase my prices to accommodate for the increase of cost of living in the United States.

This is going to be the last time these offerings are going to be at this rate and most likely they’re going to be increasing dramatically once I land in the States sometime in August and September. So if you have been on the fence to receive one of these offerings that I am giving, now would be the time to do that, and again entering into this win-win situation for both of us where you can receive it at a discounted rate and we can receive the support for our move.

Thank you so much for being a part of this community and already the support you have given me to arrive where I am today. This wouldn’t be possible without many of you and for believing in this cyclical revolution that we are ushering in every day just by being conscious of our cycle and sharing that love we have for these cyclical energies to everyone that we meet. So I pray and I hope that these offerings are a blessing to you and that they can be gifts from me to you and you can continue to share on that wisdom and knowledge to all that you meet. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Deep deep gratitude for all of you and hopefully I will get to see you in person sometime soon.

Sending you lots of love and many blessings to come.

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