Gathering Winter Stores Sale

I’m back again with my annual Gathering Winter Stores Sale! With the code WINTERREST, you get 30% off my course Womb Wisdom and my 1:1 Tarot Readings. This week only you can join the Sacred Cycles Coven for a 30-day free trial and our Winter Solstice Retreat is coming up on December 17+18th, which you can join for free or by donation.

This winter sale is an opportunity to practice, what I call, reciprocal generosity. In the energy of reciprocity, I wanted to give you easier access to my offerings to bless your journey this season, as well as, invite you in to supporting me in gathering winter stores so I can take time to rest and hibernate over the next few weeks.

The closer I align to the cyclical rhythms of body and earth, the more I understand winter’s wisdom of resting, nourishing myself, and having a space to dream. This is my second year of intentionally taking time away from my business to rest my mind, body, and soul. It is like an extended bleed time! This time is really sacred so that I can come back in 2023 with an overflowing cup from which to support you from. 

I hope that one of these offerings will allow you to dream into the possibility of taking your own winter hibernation and flow with the natural rhythms of body, moon, and earth. Isn’t it magical to support one another as we go through these seasons, so that we both can be closer aligned to who we are!

Well that is exactly what I hope for you, that one or more of these offerings will support you in knowing who you are and setting an intention to become more of who you are in the new year, because our collective needs more of you!

Everything on Sale:

Womb Wisdom

30% off of this course to remember and reclaim your menstrual cycle as your source of power and wisdom. If you sign up now, you will also receive a free invitation to join the 12-week group mentoring container that will run from March-May 2023! Use code: WINTERREST


Sacred Cycles Coven

One month free trial when you join the Coven, where together in community we weave cycle magic into being. No code needed and can cancel your membership at any time.

Intuitive Tarot

30% off of 30 and 60 minute one on one tarot readings. When you purchase a reading, you will be able to book in your session starting February 2023. Use code: WINTERREST

The Learning Grove

All of my classes in the Learning Grove are on a reciprocal generosity donation pricing model. This is built upon the gift economy where you enroll on a donation basis or receive freely if you are not able to contribute.

Here are the classes currently available:

Winter Solstice Retreat: A Winter's Rest

Last but definitely not least, the Winter Solstice online retreat will be live on the weekend of December 17-18th. It is also on a reciprocal generosity pricing model, so you can join on a donation basis or receive freely.

Read the Full Transcript of the Video :

Hello, my beautiful community!

I am so excited to be here again to tell you about my annual gathering winter stores sale. I hope that this will be a win-win situation for both of us as I am offering you all of my offerings everything that I have to give at a discount and that will bless me so that I am able to take time off from the winter solstice into January for my annual winter hibernation and also hopefully it will bless you and being able to um receive one of my offerings at a discounted rate that will hopefully support you and guide you into the new year.

So what is on sale? All of my all of my offerings um first thinking about the you know the course my course is the deep dive into womb wisdom through your physical body, through your energetic body, through your spiritual body, and then integrating that all into your life. The course is changing from the last time that I have done it in I am lengthening it so that we can dive deeper into it and have more Community Connection time so it’s actually going to be more like a group mentoring container rather than a course but you’ll still get the course material alongside um the program. We’re going to be running that again in March of 2023 but you can you can buy it now for 30% off and if you buy it now you’ll get instant access to the course material and then you will also get an invitation to join the group mentoring sessions in March so you get both of those pieces for a discounted rate.

Now the other things that I have my lovely community the sacred cycles coven is right now open for only this week if you sign up you will get 30-day free trial so you can join in for 30 days you know over this next month into the beginning of 2023 Try It Out come and join our circles join our magic time together and see if it’s something that is supportive for you and you can cancel at any time during the trial if it’s not working for you and you won’t be charged anything. So 30 days to come and see if that’s a community space for you.

All of my tarot readings one-on-one readings whether that’s 30 minutes or 60 Minutes are also 30% off so right now my books are closed for tarot readings but if you purchase now you’ll get the 30% discount and then you can book in whenever I come back to work uh the end of January and into February. So you can get the discount now knowing that you will be supported with a tarot reading coming in the new year.

I have all of my my other offerings like all of the um workshops and classes as always they are on a donation basis so you can sign up for any of those that may support you in this time uh of the year and receive that um with whatever you know whatever you’re able to give.

The winter solstice retreat is coming up on December 17th and 18th um both Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 4 00 p.m Eastern. There are four different circles we are going to be gathering with. There will be lots of meditation and embodiment work there will be a tarot circle there will be a ritual magic circle where we will make a wish jar and it really help to bring this year to a close rest deeply in the darkness of the winter solstice and enter into the new year 2023 fully restored and ready to ready to live life.

So if you have any questions about any of these offerings don’t hesitate to send me an email and yeah I hope that they bless you deeply and you find what what will work best for you and that in you giving to me I get to take care of myself and in me giving to you hopefully it will be supportive to take care of yourself. So I will leave that there and hopefully I will see you see you soon in in one of uh these spaces one of these spaces together.

Sending you lots of love and blessings for the upcoming Solstice and any other holiday that you celebrate and moving into the new year!

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