Conscious Cycling #10:

Energetic Archetypes of the Menstrual Cycle

Back again with another episode of the podcast, newly named Conscious Cycling! I’m excited to be sharing with you all again and after trial and error may have just found a system that may just mean more podcasts in the near future.

This episode is a recording of an Insight Timer live session I held in January 2022. You can choose to either watch the video recording or listen to the audio recording above.

I do a new topic each week on Insight Timer Live, so you can either join me there for the live session or you can watch/listen to the recordings afterwards on this blog, on my YouTube channel or wherever you listen to podcasts.

In today’s episode, we are looking at 3 energetic archetypal maps that are held in the womb: the Luminaries, the Inner Seasons and the 5 Roots of Menstruation. By coming into awareness of your cyclical nature, you have a compass to guide you through these maps and discover your unique natural rhythm.

I also make references to the lunar and earthly cycles for those that don’t bleed.

Here is the outline of the episode:

  • Sharing my cycle check-in and inner autumn energies
  • Exploring the first map of the Luminaries. The Solar and Lunar paths of the two halves of the cycle from menstruation to ovulation and then from ovulation to menstruation.
  • Exploring in depth with each of the inner season, sharing the strengths and challenges of each seasonal archetype.
  • Exploring the 5 Roots of Menstruation and that initiatory journey you experience through the death and rebirth point in the cycle.
  • I share why it is important to learn these energetic archetypes, but then why it is even more important to chart your cycle and learn your own unique pattern.

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You can download the auto-generated YouTube transcript here.

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Come with me to explore what a cyclical embodied journey might look like in your life!

Hi, I’m Meghan Norean (she/they), your cyclical living guide. I am here to help you discover a sustainable + authentic way of living based on the cycles of womb + earth + moon. This is a journey of connection and community. Together we will be traversing the landscapes of menstrual cycle awareness, social justice and spirituality and how they all weave together.

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