Sacred Cycles Coven

weaving cycle magic into being


  • co-creating a world that honors cyclical living
  • finding a place of belonging + intimacy with other cyclical beings
  • using cycle magic to infuse rituals + spells into your everyday life
  • having a safe space to step into your vulnerabilities and celebrate your strengths
  • being supported in the cyclical revolution of following the natural rhythms of life
  • joining a community that embraces you fully for who you are

If this is the place you dream of then this is for you.

Welcome, dear one

We are standing on the threshold of what was and what will be. Never has there been a more perfect moment than now to slow down, go within and create magic.

The old systems are crumbling in these uncertain times and we are searching for a place to belong and together co-create the new systems we long for.

A system of cyclical awareness where there is space for rest and an honoring of the natural rhythms of womb + earth + moon. A system of community care where we not only care for ourselves, but co-regulate together in these shifting times.  A system founded in collective good where we feel empowered to stand up against social injustices. An ecosystem that is rooted in the wisdom of the earth and us as regenerative energy creating together.

All of this is possible and this is your invitation to step into co-creating this magic together.

Will you accept the invitation?

Doors to the Coven are open!

With every new moon a new theme is introduced. We are connecting the Earthly season we are experiencing in the Northern Hemisphere with that energy of the inner season of the menstrual cycle.

Over the spring season, we will explore:

Cycle Magic Every Month...

And so much more!

This sacred space is for you if...

  • You have a womb or have had a womb in the past
  • You want a deeper connection with your body, the earth and the moon
  • You want to discover healing from trauma and stress in your body
  • You desire a supportive community that cares for one another
  • You want to create cycle magic that align to the seasons and your cycle
  • You are ready to co-create systems of collective liberation for the cyclical revolution

Within the Coven You Will Receive:

Deep Purple Icon of two people holding a heart

A virtual sacred space on Mighty Networks for connection + community, as well as, all past recordings + resources

deep purple new moon icon

Circle Gatherings held on or near the New Moon set around the theme for that month, Live on Zoom with recording made available

deep purple icon a leafy branch and stars making a circle

Wheel of the Year Circle Gatherings focused on crafting a handmade spell. Held 8 times a year on the solstices, equinoxes and cross-quarter days, in the Northern Hemisphere. Live on Zoom with recording made available

Trauma aware, healing centered monthly somatic bodyfulness practices for stress regulation and resilience to engage with the theme on an embodied level

3 deep purple tarot cards, one with an open eye, one with a cresent moon, one with a planet

Full moon intuitive tarot pick a card reading to give you guidance and archetypal energetics connected to the theme

Monthly meditation to drop in to your inner awareness and integrate the theme into you life.

deep purple open book icon

Monthly journal and writing prompts to engage you deeper with the theme and the archetypal energies.

deep purple leafy branch

Discounts for online courses and one on one sessions.


Learning Grove

When you join the Coven, you get free access to the Learning Grove. This is is an ever evolving library of cyclical wisdom. One off classes, workshops and ceremonies to connect you deeper to your bodies cyclical guidance.

Currently in the Learning Grove:


  • Inner Seasons Masterclass
  • Create Your Own Ritual Workshop
  • Womb Ceremony
  • Chart Your Cycle Workshop
  • A Winter’s Rest: Solstice Retreat

*you will receive an email with access to the Learning Grove after your free trial

Meet Your Guide

Hello, I'm Meghan

Through 14 years of suppressing my cycle with the hormonal birth control pill and pushing myself to live in a linear framework, I burnt out and lost sense of who I was. Having very little education about my body from a young age, it was not until I reached year 29 that I finally understood how my body was designed to flow in a cycle.

I ditched the pill, discovered menstrual cycle awareness, and began to notice the changes that flowed through my body each cycle. With this awareness, a new world opened up to me and I quickly realized the systems around me did not support a cycling body.

I believe in the possibility of a world that fully supports us as cyclical beings. I believe this world will become reality once there are spaces like this weaving cycle magic into being within ourselves and our communities.

I want to co-create this world with you, are you with me?

Are you ready to create cycle magic together?

Supported Tier


For those with marginalized identities and financial need to be able to access this offering

*Join today for a free 7 day trial!

Standard Tier


For those who have sufficient financial means to pay a fair price for this offering

*Join today for a free 7 day trial!

Redistribution Tier


For those who have the financial means and desire to support a redistribution of systemic inequity so others can join

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Other Bits and Pieces:

  • All cycling humans are welcome to join this space. If you have a womb or have had one in the past, you are welcome.
  • If you are a part of a marginalized group identity (BIPOC, trans, queer, non-binary), you are warmly welcomed here. I honor the potentially triggering and challenge that it is to occupy a space with others who may have harmful beliefs about your identity. I hope I will be a safer space for you to share with if this does happen to you in the community space.
  • I am committed to creating the Coven as one of inclusion and diversity through language and critically looking at the privileges and biases we hold, as well as questioning the systems we are in.
  • I will not tolerate any discrimination and you will be asked to leave the Coven, with no refund, if you participate in any discrimination.
  • I am on the journey of learning what it means to be more inclusive and to create this as a safer space for those in marginalized communities. If you have any feedback please contact me.
  • The Coven is a sacred container that is to feel safer for everyone, for that reason what is shared in the Coven container is to be held as private and confidential. You will be removed from the Coven, with no refund, if you share confidential information outside of the Coven without explicit informed consent.
  • Calls and practices will be recorded and shared in the online private portal, with an option to pause the recording if you wish to share something that you do not want recorded. You have complete say on what you do not want recorded. These calls are for your personal practice and not for distribution outside of the Coven.
  • The personal information of any of the Coven members will never be shared or sold for any reason whatsoever.
  • Payments are made through Thrivecart on a recurring basis. (If you would like to pay in INR, please contact me)
  • You can cancel your recurring payment at anytime through your Thrivecart portal and will remain in the Coven until the end of your payment plan. For example, if you are on the monthly plan and cancel within the month, you will remain in the group until the close of that month. If you are on the quarterly plan, you will remain in the group until the close of that quarter. Same for the annual plan.
  • The date is determined when you register, and so for example, if you register on December 4th, your subscription will renew on the 4th of each month or the 4th of every quarter or Dec. 4th of every year.
  • Once you register, that will be your rate for as long as you remain in the group, no matter how much rates increase. If you leave the Coven and later wish to rejoin, I will be so happy to have you back, and your new rate will be whatever the current rate is at that time.
  • If you are unable to pay at the suggested rate, please contact me and we may be able to work out something creatively.
  • There are no refunds, so check in with your body before committing and contact me to ask any questions.