Inner Seasons Masterclass

align your life to the seasonal energy
of your cyclical body

Embody Your Natural Rhythm

Your cycle is so much more than just the days you bleed. Each inner season holds an archetypal language of life-death-rebirth, mirroring the natural world. Through this masterclass you will learn how this natural rhythm flows in your body and how you can meet your needs in every season.

Here are just some of the ways learning how to embody the energy of your inner seasons will support you:

  • know your innate strength + power, as well as, the vulnerabilities for each season
  • prevent + recover from burnout and times of stress
  • learn how to schedule your month in alignment to your cyclical needs
  • build resiliency, especially for PMS
  • create self-care practices specific to your cyclical energy
  • sense a deep connection with the natural world around you
  • tap into your creativity and sacred calling

Unearthing this wisdom from within you is invaluable in being able to live a life of sustainability in alignment to your energy. It is a coming home to the truest expression of yourself.

womb ceremony red rose blossom

In this 90 minute masterclass, you will learn to embody...

the ebbs + flows of your natural cyclical rhythm

resiliency to care for yourself in each season

the magic of moving through cyclical rhythms

the strength + power your womb wisdom holds

compassion towards your most vulnerable days

Meet Your Guide

After 14 years of suppressing my cyclical nature with the hormonal birth control pill, I burnt out and lost sense of who I was. I entered into the dark. In the silence of this dark night of the soul, I heard a new voice. I realized all that time I had been looking outside myself for the answers, but this voice was coming from within. My womb was calling me home to my natural cyclical rhythm. 

Since aligning my life to the inner seasons of my cycle, I have been able to celebrate my strengths and care for my vulnerabilities with gentleness. This journey of cyclical awakening has transformed the way I understand myself and how I view the world around me.

I can not wait to share this cyclical wisdom with you in this Inner Seasons Masterclass. I pray you will come away from this class knowing deeply that you are held in the magical rhythm of life itself.

Sending love,


Inside this 90 minute masterclass, you will discover...

  • the connection between your hormones + your inner seasons
  • the strengths + vulnerabilities of each season
  • an embodied meditation to receive a gift from each season
  • how to use this information with menstrual cycle awareness
  • the crossover days and their sacred invitations
  • what to do when your inner seasons do not go as expected
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Bonus, You also get these supportive gifts!

Inner Seasons Cycle Chart

Along with writing prompts for each inner season, so you can intimately get to know your own unique cycle.

Inner Seasons Playlists

There is nothing quite like the feeling of dancing and moving with the energy of your cycle.

Just like the Earth moves through seasons of growth and seasons of stillness, so does your body.


Learning this natural rhythm within you will guide you into alignment and to live a life of sustainability.

Masterclass Pricing

You are invited to engage in this masterclass through reciprocal generosity. Working within an anti-capitalist framework this offering is to be taken as a reciprocal relationship between you and me. I am giving you of my time, energy and wisdom as I hold this sacred space in an act of generosity, without any expectations. In reciprocity, you are invited to receive the gift of this masterclass by donation or freely without guilt.

I have intentionally not put a price on this masterclass, not because it is not valuable, but because value is subjective. When deciding upon the value you hold for this masterclass, here are some points to consider:

  • Your financial means (things like basic needs met, income, investments, assets, house, car, vacations, entertainment you engage in, other expendable income)
  • The position and privileges you hold in society (such as race, gender identity, sexual identity, disability, socioeconomic, religion, country-based, birthplace)
  • Access to external support from family or loved ones
  • Your anticipated value of this masterclass
  • What value would represent a commitment for you to be fully engaged
  • Your desire to give back in mutual aid so that others can join at a lower rate or freely

Financial contributions made in generosity are received with deep gratitude. Generosity is an act of spirit and energy, not tied to a specific amount. Please know that your time and engagement is a gift if that is all you are able to give.

You can click below to register for the masterclass and practice reciprocal generosity.