Womb Wisdom

It is time to remember + reclaim your menstrual cycle as your source of power and wisdom!


Two circular photos, one of a person holding their womb and another of a spiraling leaf

Does this sound like you?


Your menstrual cycle is a mystery that you have been trying to understand, but it continues to change. You desire to understand your unique natural rhythms.


You are caught in cycles of burnout, trying to keep up with the daily stresses of surviving in this world. You want to discover a way to work with your body instead of against it.

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Every bleed you are doubled over in pain. You can’t even imagine it being any other way, yet a small hopeful voice inside is saying it is possible to find healing.


You have read all the books, listened to all the podcasts, tried all the new self-care tips, but nothing is helping you. You are ready to stop looking outside of yourself for the answers and come home to your body’s wisdom.


Your body (+ womb) are holding trauma and stress that make it difficult to ground into your being.
You are ready to be liberated and set free.

I hear you. You are not alone!

This is an invitation to come back home to your body and yourself using the unique rhythm of your menstrual cycle. This is a remembrance + reclaiming of being connected with yourself, your power, and the ancient cyclical wisdom embedded within your womb. Womb Wisdom can give you the foundation to discover how to fully embrace your cycle and align with your body instead of against it.

Alongside a course comprised of four in-depth modules this group immersion comes with a community that lets you know you are not alone.

We will begin and end with a live ritual and over the course of 10 weeks there will be 14 live circles to share and connect in community.


Womb Wisdom can support you to:

Discover your own unique pattern held in your menstrual cycle to avoid burn out and create radical self-care practices built just for you!

Increase your body literacy to develop a new relationship with your body and its health + wellbeing.

Harness your emotional resilience to build healthier + more authentic relationships with yourself and those you care about. 

Discover your purpose in life and how to use your menstrual cycle as a tool for creativity and sharing your purpose in the world.

See yourself as part of the cyclical revolution with many others around the world. Together we are shifting the dominant narrative and placing the menstrual cycle in its rightful place, as a source of personal and planetary power and wisdom!

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What you get...

The Four Modules in Depth

A Look Inside...

Meet Your Guide

Hello. I'm Meghan.

Through 14 years of suppressing my bleed with hormonal birth control pill and pushing myself to live in a linear framework, I burnt out and lost sense of who I was. Having very little education about my body from a young age, it was not until I reached year 29 that I finally understood how my body was designed to flow in a cycle.

I ditched the pill and began to notice the changes that flowed through my cyclical body each menstrual cycle. With this awareness, a new world opened up to me. I felt a deep connection and kindredship with the moon, the earth, all other cyclical bodies, but most importantly myself.

Now I move to the rhythm of each season of my menstrual cycle, allowing my body to rest during my bleed and take on the world at ovulation. I can harness the strengths and care for the vulnerabilities held in each season to honor and discover my true essence as a cyclical being. This is my desire for all who embody a cycle.

Womb Wisdom has all of the information I wish I would have received: a comprehensive understanding of how the womb and hormones ebb + flow throughout the cycle, knowledge on the four inner seasons + how tuning into the emotional energies on each day of my cycle reveals my unique design, discovering how the menstrual cycle connects to the great cyclical mystery of life-death-rebirth, and how following this journey can lead you back home to yourself.

Are you ready to join me on this transformative journey?

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Bonus Content

FAM 101 with
Joy from Full Moon Fertility

This lesson with Joy will be an introduction to the Fertility Awareness Method and learning to read your body literacy within the context of fertility and contraception.

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Inner Seasons Yoga with
Chami from Migiwa Yoga Space

Chami brings you 4 yoga videos that connect with the energy of your inner seasons. Each practice will guide you to align and go deeper into your menstrual cycle awareness.


Nutrition and the Cycle with
Arin from Moonli

This conversation with Arin will explore the ways in which you can eat for a healthy cycle. Implementing nutritional guidance can help you relieve inflammation + period pain.

Add a 1:1 Cycle Journey

During the checkout process you will be given the opportunity to book a 1:1 Cycle Journey session with Meghan for a discounted price of $80 USD (standard price is $120), to support your learning process.

Cycle Journey is a 60 minute meditative process to unearth your unique menstrual cycle through the lens of your inner seasons. Meghan will hold a sacred container for you to discover, from deep within, where your strengths and vulnerabilities present themselves within your cycle. With this information from your body + soul, you will be able to create an individualized plan to support your healing and transformation.

Full Payment

One Payment of $500 USD

Payment Plans

*You will be given 3 monthly payment choices during checkout

2 x $250 USD

3 x $167 USD

6 x $84 USD

Questions + Answers

This course is hosted on Thrivecart. You will have immediate access after payment and also receive a link in your welcome email to access the course content.

It is a combination of video (with closed captions and transcripts), audio and written learning materials.

This group immersion will flow over a 10 week time period, with one or two live circles a week (check the circle schedule above). The cycle check-in and group support will each be up to 60 minutes and co-working will be 2 hours. If you come to the co-working sessions you will get the majority of the course work finished in that time, but an extra 1-2 hours each week would allow you to dive deeper. This includes watching, reading or listening to the course material, as well as, practicing the embodied meditations, reflection questions, charting your cycle, and sharing in the private group.

You will have lifetime access to the material, so you can work through it at your own pace. There is no pressure to complete everything within the 10 weeks, that is the container for those that need a bit more structure to work through the material.

Everyone can benefit from more body literacy and self-awareness, so absolutely you are welcome to join this group immersion! Saying that, if you are at all interested in coming off of hormonal contraceptives and experience your natural cycle, this would be a supportive container to explore what that could look like for you.

We would love to have you join! If you’ve ever had a menstrual cycle, hope to have one soon in the future, or identify a cyclical awareness in your body then you will be able to apply the material to your unique situation. Although, the first module on the physical body is grounded in the experience of having a physical womb.

As a non-binary human I know how exclusionary it can feel in spaces that teach about the womb and the menstrual cycle. This is not that space! Womb Wisdom is designed for those who have experienced menstruation in the past or present and for all that would like to embody a cyclical nature (but the first module on the physical body is grounded in the physical experience of having a physical womb). All of the language is gender inclusive and there is no tolerance for discrimination against non-binary or trans experiences.

The video lessons are equipped with closed captions, as well as, a downloadable transcripts, audio versions, and slides.

The audio meditations and practices do not have a transcription.

I am always seeking to make this material more accessible if you have feedback in this area, please contact at hello@meghannorean.com.

If in the first two weeks you are engaged with the community and coursework but are not satisfied, I can offer you a 100% refund. I will ask you to fill out a feedback form before issuing the refund so that I can understand how to best improve the experience. After the first two weeks of the group immersion, I will not be able to offer you a refund.