Awaken the Witch Within

Flat lay of tarot cards showing the high priestess

These past few years we have seen a resurgence of the season of the witch. After centuries of society and religions demonizing and killing the witches, we are seeing people reclaiming what it means to be a witch and connecting to their inner power and magic.

Maybe this resurgence has peaked your own curiosity about what it means to be a witch. In this workshop we will be exploring the many avenues you can walk to be a witch. It is not a one size fits all black hat and broomstick we are putting on, but more like an infinite number of unique expressions where we all can find a way to practice magic.

My hope is after these 2 hours together you will walk away with a clear vision of how you can practice your own unique magic. That you will be able to tap in to your inner power and channel it in a way that feels safe and empowering. That you will be able to awaken your inner witch and support them in their full expression in the world.

Who is this workshop for?

  • If you are a interested in a spiritual path that will connect you deeper to yourself and nature
  • If you think you may be a witch, but there is some lingering fear around societal expectations
  • If you are intrigued by magical practices like tarot, herbs, pendulums, candles, etc… and want to know how to work with them
  • If you desire to reclaim the word ‘witch’ meaning a powerful magical person
  • If you struggle to find a place to belong and want to connect with other witches
  • If you desire to create bespoke rituals and spells that can support you through life
  • If you want to explore deeper depths to your own inner power and magic

What to look forward to...

  • We will begin with a bit of history on what it meant to be a witch in society and what being a witch and practicing witchcraft means today (hint, hint…it’s not all like Hocus Pocus).
  • We will explore many unique expressions of witchcraft from being a Kitchen Witch, to a Lunar Witch, to an Eclectic Witch, to a Cyclical Witch and everything in between, so you can discover which witchcraft best aligns with you.
  • We will explore what it looks like to work with deities and without. There is a path for all beliefs!
  • We will explore how to incorporate myth + folklore that is not culturally appropriated and the ethical practices of witchcraft so we are not creating more harm in the world.
  • We will explore different magical practices and perform a Self-Love Spell together, so you can experience what witchcraft actually looks and feels like. 
  • You will be supported in connecting to the magic that is all around you everyday so you can move towards your intentions for your life and harness the magic to be with all life gives you.
Flat lay of candles, lavender and magic objects for a witch

“The first time I called myself a ‘Witch’ was the most magical moment of my life.”
Margot Adler

Meet Your Guide, Meghan (she/they)

If you would have told me 10 years ago that I would call myself a witch, let alone lead a workshop about being a witch, I would have thought a witch cursed your tongue! ha!

I grew up in a conservative Christian church that taught me magic and witchcraft were of the devil. I realized much later that this was their fear talking of things they did not understand. A fear that has resulted in many being shamed, shunned, and killed for connecting to their intuition and magic.

After being called a heretic and leaving the conservative church, I began to realize the magic of the universe lives within me and the natural world around us. We all have access to this magic and it didn’t take me long after that realization to claim “I am a Witch!” and took my power back.

I hope through this workshop you will be able to realize all the magic that is within and without you so that you can be empowered and awaken your witch within.

Sending love


Workshop Pricing

You are invited to engage in this workshop through reciprocal generosity. Working within an anti-capitalist framework this offering is to be taken as a reciprocal relationship between you and me. I am giving you of my time, energy and wisdom as I hold this sacred space in an act of generosity, without any expectations. In reciprocity, you are invited to receive the gift of this workshop by donation or freely without guilt.

I have intentionally not put a price on this workshop, not because it is not valuable, but because value is subjective. When deciding upon the value you hold for this workshop, here are some points to consider:

  • Your financial means (things like basic needs met, income, investments, assets, house, car, vacations, entertainment you engage in, other expendable income)
  • The position and privileges you hold in society (such as race, gender identity, sexual identity, disability, socioeconomic, religion, country-based, birthplace)
  • Access to external support from family or loved ones
  • Your anticipated value of this workshop
  • What value would represent a commitment for you to be fully engaged
  • Your desire to give back in mutual aid so that others can join at a lower rate or freely

Financial contributions made in generosity are received with deep gratitude. Generosity is an act of spirit and energy, not tied to a specific amount. Please know that your time and engagement is a gift if that is all you are able to give.

You can click below to register for the workshop and practice reciprocal generosity. Once you register you will have immediate and lifelong access to the workshop.