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Three circles. One with a photo of Meghan sitting on the ground in a green and black outfit. One with leaves and a purple snail. One with the moon.
Cyclical living will
Left side is a menstrual cycle chart. Middle is a laptop with an image of Cyclical Awakening course. Right is a mobile with a meditation app.

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Are you new to cyclical living and looking for guidance on where to go next?

These specially curated gifts will guide you as you begin your cycle awareness journey and into a life of spaciousness and flow:

  • Inner Seasons Cycle Chart, a path to understanding your unique rhythm
  • Inner Womb Landscape Meditation, to tap into the energy of your womb

Hi, I'm Meghan

My heart is filled with gratitude that you are here and want to learn more about your cyclical body!

As a cyclical living guide and womb witch, my passion lies in weaving together cycle magic for regeneration of body + earth + community, so you have come to the right place if you are looking to transform your relationship with your body, the earth and in your relationships.

Through ritual, bodyfulness, meditation and tarot, I’m creating a sacred space for you to journey into remembrance + reclamation of your cyclical power, because there is magic within your womb!

I dream of a world where every bleeding body is honored for their natural rhythms and menstrual equity  + empowerment is in abundance.

Together we can build this cyclical revolution!

I can guide you on the path to:


recover from burnout


discover your purpose

love your

awaken your magic

heal from

connect to your soul

How can I support you today?

Beautiful things people are saying...

I was someone who constantly struggled to make sense of the constant waves of my emotions and body. Meghan taught me it is not a ripple, it’s cyclical. Making sense of each part of my cycle, Meghan has given me the tools I need to take advantage of each part. She has taught me how to use my personal journey with the moon to heighten my innermost understanding of me. Unlocking the knowledge of my power and merging it with the rest of me has changed my life.


womb ceremony red rose blossom

What I love about Meghan is how authentic she is in creating and spreading awareness about the divine cycles, having resented the pain and discomfort in my past she has contributed immensely in me now welcoming my monthly flow and slowing down to take time out to nurture and care for myself. So grateful to her for this!


Meghan shared all her wisdom, knowledge and life experiences with us. She poured her heart into it, I could see that on every video or call we had. I learned soo much. I connected so much. I got so many other ideas to incorporate into my routines and rituals. I had so many major realizations, aha-moments and breakthroughs that I can't even word it how helpful it was in many areas of my life. Truly connection to your body and cycle influences the rest of your life!



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Land Acknowledgement

I am Meghan Norean Peterman, child of Rhona and Kevin, with ancestry woven back through Celtic and Germanic lands.

As a white-body settler on colonized lands, I acknowledge with respect and give thanks to the Susquehanock and Haudenosauneega Confederacy on whose land I was born and raised. Today I live as a visitor upon the lands of the Bengali people in Kolkata, India. I offer deep reverence and gratitude to these people as well as the Adavasi tribes who were here before as the original stewards of the land and their descendants who continue to steward the land today. I ask for their permission to be a guest on this land and to be in right relationship with this land. 

If you are a guest or settler upon the land, I invite you to learn about the indigenous community of the land you currently occupy on Native Land and contact the leaders to learn how you can contribute reparations to their community, by way of a land tax.