Conscious Cycling #12:

What is Tarot?

What is tarot? That is what I asked myself 8 years ago now when a friend had mentioned her interest in getting a reading. I went into research mode, as I always do when something peaks my interest, bought my first deck and it has been a love affair ever since!

If you don’t know much about my story I come from a background of evangelical christianity and thought tarot cards and other witchy practices were of the devil. Ha. Quite ironic now as a pagan druid witch. If you want to hear the whole story you can listen in to the very first episode of this podcast here or watch a live recording of my story here.

Once I deconstructed my christian faith and began to understand that I myself am divine and that sacredness dwells within me (and all of us!), well then tarot became a natural fit. Tarot arrived in my life when I was just beginning to understand what intuition was and learning how to trust myself instead of some leader or book (written by white men) that held the “only” answers. The cards really are beautiful in the way they can cut through all of the bullshit and help you see and understand more of yourself and the world around you.

So what does this episode have in store for you?:

  • We begin with the basics of tarot and how the deck is organized
  • Then we look at the history and evolution of the tarot
  • l share how we can use the cards and why we would want to
  • We explore the connection the cards have to the past, present and future
  • I also share a bit more about my own history with tarot and how they arrived in my life
  • And how I personally read the cards through the lens of cycle awareness
  • At the end of the episode, I do a 3 card collective reading asking how we can bring more peace and harmony to the world

I’m also very excited to share a new free (or by donation) workshop How to Read Tarot Intuitively that you can join live on Saturday, April 16th under the full moon. I will be holding space for you to work with your own deck and your own situation so you can tap into your intuitive powers and receive the answers you are seeking. It is going to be a wonderful time of connection with yourself and the community.

This episode is a recording of an Insight Timer live session I held in March 2022 and the first in a series of six. You can choose to either watch the video recording or listen to the audio recording above. I do a new topic each week on Insight Timer Live, so you can either join me there for the live session or you can watch/listen to the recordings afterwards on this blog, on my YouTube channel or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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