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“The menstrual cycle is a living body of knowledge that is vital for us and essential for our times.”

Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo-Wurlitzer

This is an invitation to come back home to your body and yourself using the unique rhythm of your menstrual cycle. This is a remembrance + reclaiming of being connected with yourself, your power and the ancient cyclical wisdom embedded within your womb. 

We live in a world where our menstrual cycle is covered + hidden in shame. Too many of us did not receive the education we needed to understand our cyclical nature. This is where Cyclementary comes in, to go back to the basics and fill in the gaps to create a portal for you to embrace your cycle as your embodied wisdom giver.

This 6-week group immersion course will give you the building blocks to learn how to fully embrace your cycle and come home to yourself. With three modules you will start by building a solid foundation of understanding for the anatomy and physiological process within the womb and your physical body. You will then build on that knowledge to understand your unique rhythm held within your menstrual cycle and how to find the patterns within the emotional body. Finally we will dive deeper, using the wisdom from our physical + emotional bodies to an understanding of the cycle as an initiation into your true essence in the spiritual body

Meet Your Guide

Hello. I'm Meghan.

Through 14 years of suppressing my bleed with hormonal birth control pill and pushing myself to live in a linear framework, I burnt out and lost sense of who I was. Having very little education about my body from a young age, it was not until I reached year 29 that I finally understood how my body was designed to flow in a cycle.

I ditched the pill and began to notice the changes that flowed through my cyclical body each menstrual cycle. With this awareness, a new world opened up to me. I felt a deep connection and kindredship with the moon, the earth, all other cyclical bodies, but most importantly myself.

Now I move to the rhythm of each season of my menstrual cycle, allowing my body to rest during my bleed and take on the world at ovulation. I can harness the strengths and care for the vulnerabilities held in each season to honor and discover my true essence as a cyclical being. This is my desire for all who embody a cycle.

Cyclementary has all of the information I wish I would have received at my first bleed: a comprehensive understanding of how the womb and hormones ebb + flow throughout the cycle, knowledge on the four inner seasons + how tuning into the emotional energies on each day of my cycle reveals my unique design, discovering how the menstrual cycle connects to the great cyclical mystery of life-death-rebirth, and how following this journey can lead you back home to yourself.

Three Modules

Physical Body

In this module we will cover:

    • Womb + Pelvic Anatomy to come to intimately know the source of your cyclical nature.
    • Physiology of the Menstrual Cycle to discover the hormonal landscape of the cycle and how you can feel so differently from one day to the next.
    • Self-care Practices for each phase of the cycle so you can tend to the ebbs + flow of your body.
    • How to Align Your Schedule to the phases of your cycle to work with your body instead of against it.

The embodied practice for this module is a Somatic Womb Meditation where you will explore your relationship with your womb space and discover any messages it has for you. 

Emotional Body

In this module we will cover:

  • The Inner Seasons to connect your cycle to the greater archetypal cycle of the Earth and our connection to it.
  • Menstrual Cycle Awareness to become conscious of your unique rhythm encoded in your cycle, learning your strengths + vulnerabilities. 
  • Cycle Charting + Journaling to uncover the patterns that flow through your cycle.
  • Menstrual Shame + Trauma to heal the story you may have inherited, personally + collectively about menstruation and your first bleed.

The embodied practice for this module is the Inner Seasons Movement Meditation that will guide you with movement through each of your inner seasons as an inquiry to where you feel most at home and where is your growth edge.

Spiritual Body

In this module we will cover:

  • The Cycle as Initiation to place the cycle in it’s rightful place as the missing link to our pyschospiritual wellness.
  • 5 Chambers of Menstruation to uncover the mystery of bleeding and its portal for your true essence.
  • The Creative Process to declare your purpose in life and what you have been called to create + serve in this world.
  • Rituals + Spells to reveal the magic held in each season of your cycle.

The embodied practice for this module is a Menstrual Visioning Meditation to excavate your purpose and vision how it can be realized throughout your cycle and into the world.

The Outline

Opening Ritual + Setting Intentions Live Group Call

Weeks 1+2: Physical Body Course Content

Integration + Reflection Live Group Call

Weeks 3+4: Emotional Body Course Content

Integration + Reflection Live Group Call

Weeks 5+6: Spiritual Body Course Content

Integration + Reflection Live Group Call + Closing Ceremony

What you get...

Cyclementary will support you to:

Discover your own unique pattern held in your menstrual cycle to avoid burn out and create radical self-care practices built just for you!

Increase your body literacy to develop a new relationship with your body and its health + wellbeing.

Harness your emotional resilience to build healthier + more authentic relationships with yourself and those you care about. 

Discover your purpose in life and how to use your menstrual cycle as a tool for creativity and sharing your purpose in the world.

See yourself as part of the cyclical revolution with many others around the world Together we are shifting the dominant narrative and placing the menstrual cycle in its rightful place, as a source of personal and planetary power and wisdom!

Cyclementary is not currently open for enrollment.

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Bonus Content

FAM 101 with Joy from Full Moon Fertility

This lesson with Joy will be an introduction to the Fertility Awareness Method and learning to read your body literacy within the context of fertility and contraception.

Inner Winter Yin Yoga with Chami from Migiwa Yoga Space

Chami brings you a 25 minute yin yoga practice for your inner winter, your bleeding time. This practice invites you into knowing you are held and it is okay to let go and surrender.

Emotions and the Cycle with Arin from The Onas Collaborative

This conversation with Arin will explore the intersections between cycle awareness + trauma, racism + period pain. You’ll come away with a better understanding of how your emotions + cycle are intertwined.

What others are saying:

During this course I learned how to connect with and listen to my body in a new way. I've gained a deeper appreciation for the ways my body can tell me what it needs, and knowing patterns that it follows throughout my cycle help me to listen better. Meghan is gracious and honest when instructing and holds a space for all to participate, learn and teach.

– Elisabeth –

I was a woman who constantly struggled to make sense of the constant waves of her emotions and body. Meghan taught me it is not a ripple, it’s cyclical. Making sense of each part of my cycle, Meghan has given me the tools I need to take advantage of each part. She has taught me how to use my personal journey with my cycle to heighten my innermost understanding of me. Unlocking this knowledge and merging it with the rest of me has changed my life.

– Ruthann –

I started this course with seeing my cycle as a fact of life, nothing significant and often times an annoyance. I came out of the course having experienced the beauty and the power of my own inner wisdom of my cycle. I now see my cycle as a journey that allows me to go deeper into myself, rest, grow, and be empowered to be my own beautiful self in this world.

– Chami –


10% of the profits from this course, Cyclementary, will be given to The Onas Collaborative. This organization was founded by Arin of MOONLI to support African American onas in their birthing journey.

Did you know that the US is the only industrialized country with a rising maternal mortality rate? And that African Americans are 4-5x more likely to die in childbirth than white Americans? The Onas Collaborative is bridging that gap by building a directory of pregnancy + postpartum care providers to make it easier for pregnant onas to find the care they need.

As a white woman from the United States, I am committed to giving a percentage of my business income back into BIPOC run organizations and initiatives.

*If you are a BIPOC and would like to receive a scholarship instead of your money going towards reparations please apply here.

Cyclementary is not currently open for enrollment.

Sign up here to join the wait list for the next enrollment Period.​

Questions + Answers

This course is on a password protected portal on my website ( You will receive a password in your welcome email to access the course content.

You will need approximately 2-3 hours each week. This includes watching, reading or listening to the course material, as well as, practicing the embodied meditations, reflection questions, charting your cycle and sharing in the community.

All of the live calls will be recorded and placed in the private group on Mighty Networks, as well as, a link sent to your email after each live session.

While on hormonal contraceptives you do not experience your natural cycling hormones, but you are still welcome to join and use it as a way to get to know your body more intimately. It may be helpful to take this course if you are wanting to come off of hormonal contraceptives.

We would love to have you join! If you’ve ever had a menstrual cycle, hope to have one soon in the future or identify a cyclical awareness in your body then you will be able to apply the material to your unique situation. Although, the first module on the physical body is grounded in the experience of having a womb.

This course is designed for those who have experienced menstruation in the past or present and for all that would like to embody a cyclical nature (but the first module on the physical body is grounded in the physical experience of having a womb). All of the language is gender inclusive and there is no tolerance for discrimination against non-binary or trans experiences.

Feel free to email me at anytime ( or you can send a message below.

Still have questions?

Drop it here and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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