Lunarscape #7: Bringing cyclical wisdom into parenting and community with Nikki Zavitz

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Hello revolutionaries!

How are you today? I’m cycle day 8 and still catching up on rest after a busy bleed this time around, but feeling so connected to my body and this community of after chatting with my friend Nikki Zavitz. She shared an abundance of cyclical wisdom that I know will nourish you in your own journey, especially if you are a parent or searching for a community to belong.

In this episode, Nikki and I chatted about:

  • our eerily similar menarche (first bleed) experiences
  • how talking about our menstrual cycles is healing our ancestral lineage with our mothers
  • how Nikki brings cycle awareness into her home with her 3 daughters and advice on how you can too!
  • what the word Menstruality means to both of us
  • what it is like to run a circle gathering and the transformation that happens in that space
  • how revolutionary cycle awareness is and how it is for every body regardless of gender

If any of that is peaking your interest, tune in below.

Happy Listening!



Nikki Zavitz is a Menstruality Mentor (completed the Menstruality Leadership Aprenticeship with RedSchool in 2020) who supports womb havers in discovering the power of their menstrual cycles through workshops for all ages, courses, circles and supportive products such as Menstruality kits. She is also the founder of the Pretty River Red Tent, which is a Geodesic Dome she built in her backyard for cyclers to gather, connect, share, learn and just be in a safe inviting environment while celebrating our cyclical natures.

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