Lunarscape #8: All About Period Pain


Ah, it has been a minute since I released a new episode of Lunarscape, but I’m so glad to be back! I’ve figured out a solution to recording with the noisy background of India and have recovered from getting Covid last month. So, stay tuned for more to come soon.

I have been talking with people in my community about their struggles with their menstrual cycle and what I can create to support them in that. If you would like to add your story you can fill out this questionnaire (there is also a giveaway for those who contribute). One of the most common struggles I heard, has been period pain.

For all of you out there suffering and wondering if it is possible to have a reduced pain or pain-free bleed, this episode is for you! Here are just some of the topics I cover in the episode:

  • my personal story of going from an 11/10, vomiting + fainting, to a 3/10 period pain
  • results from my informal Instagram poll on how others experience period pain
  • how to bring up period pain at work + with loved ones, so you can be supported
  • the two types of period pain and when to know it is time to see your health care provider
  • some practical tips to try to relieve your pain
  • how striving for the “perfect pain-free period” could be harmful
  • turning the story around and being grateful for the pain

If you are looking for a supportive community to know you are not alone in your cycle experience and have resources at your fingertips to find relief from period pain come join us in the Sacred Cycles Coven!

PS…If you want to read about the cycle news in this episode go here.

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