3 Pleasure Rituals to Enjoy Your Inner Summer!

As I sit down to write this love letter to you, Jocie is in my ears with her sweet asmr voice. She is sending soft whispers through me as she applies a honey face mask and gives me a scalp massage. ahhhhh.

When I think of pleasure, I remember this tingling feeling that flows through my body when listening to asmr. It feels particularly delightful during my inner summer, which happened to start for me today on cycle day 12.

The Inner Summer:

The inner summer season of your menstrual cycle aligns with ovulation. It is known to be the most energetic time throughout the cycle. When we are making our dreams a reality in the world. I hear many women and people with menstrual cycles share about their inner summer superhuman powers and how connected they felt to their body and life’s purpose.

Unfortunately, this has not been my personal experience.

My inner summer has been difficult to embrace over these last few years. My tendency is to arrive here either scattered and directionless or burned out and exhausted. I know I’m not alone in these feelings either.

But then…

I started to invite conscious pleasure into my body and I opened myself up to the joy of the inner summer.

Slowing down a moment to take in the beauty of that bright pink flower and breath with it. Closing my eyes while I drink my mango smoothie and feel the sweet coolness slide down my throat. Saying “I love you” to every inch of my body as I massage the cinnamon walnut soap in during my shower. And of course, those tingles on the back of my neck while I’m writing to you and listening to Jocie’s asmr. 

If you took a minute right now to write down 10 things that bring you pleasure, could you think of that many? How about 25 things? How about 50? And even if you could think of 50 pleasurable things, when was the last time you did one of them?

Here is your invitation to invite in more pleasure the next time you arrive at your inner summer. To make it easier for you, I’m sharing 3 of my favorite pleasure rituals!

Time in Nature:

I love putting my bare feet on the earth at any time of my cycle, but it feels extra juicy during the inner summer. It is like my senses are wide open and ready to accept the goodness.

The idea here is to be in nature without any agenda except to sit in awe + wonder at the beauty around you. Take deep breaths filling your lungs. Smell the roses. Feel the grass under your feet. Walk slowly and aimlessly, taking plenty of pauses to take it all in.

Also don’t be shy and invite in some playfulness. Hug that tree and then climb it. Splash in the puddles. Let your inner child run free.

Mindful Eating:

The more I lean into cyclical living, the easier mindful eating becomes. Living in India means I can only get seasonal vegetables + fruits at the local market. At the moment it is lychee and mango season and over the cold season is the only time I can get my favorite veggie, broccoli. Knowing that certain foods are only available for short seasons, means you have the pleasure of appreciating them more fully when they are available.

Make or order a special meal that makes you feel divine. Set the table. Buy some flowers. Or go on a picnic and combine pleasurable activities. Eat slowly as you consciously notice the smell, sensations in your mouth and taste. Allow the waves of sensation to flow through your body. Feel into the gratitude that you get to experience this pleasure.

Body Love Shower:

This is a new ritual that I have begun almost every time I shower, but the inner summer brings the sensual pleasure. I find this ritual works best in the shower when you can move more freely, but can also be adapted to the bath. (I love a bath ritual for the inner winter!)
While you are in the shower, with your favorite pleasure inducing soap, take the time to say “I love you” and “Thank you for…” as you suds up every inch of your body. For example…as I am washing my feet I say, “I love you, feet. Thank you for grounding me.” As I wash my lower belly (over my womb space), I say, “I love you, womb. Thank you for being my creative power.” I intuitively change it each time I shower, but the love and appreciation for my body is consistent.


How Capitalism Steals Your Pleasure:

In today’s society, we have been taught that pleasure should come last. We first have to grit our teeth through the grueling work, wear our exhaustion and workaholism as a badge of honor, so we can get that star of the week from Teacher Capitalism. Well I don’t know about you, but that star of the week is not worth it!


This is why I am so excited to invite you into the Sacred Cycles Coven. Where we put pleasure front and center. We are unlearning and untangling the hold that capitalism has on our bodies that keep us from living our brightest and fullest lives. The life of sparkles and magic that your divine self was created for.

It would bring me great pleasure to hold this sacred space for you as you lean into your pleasure and awaken to your magic.

May you be full of pleasure today.