Lunarscape #6: Reflections on a Winter’s Hibernation

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Hello beauty!

How are you today? I’m feeling spacious and resourced and a lot of that has to do with the my recent hibernation. Following the Earth’s seasonal wisdom, from Yule to Imbolc, I signed off of social media and laid low in my business to give myself time to rest and be renewed.

In this episode, I’m sharing my reflections from that time, as well as, how it has been transitioning back into working full-time. Have a listen below if you’ve like to here:

  • how time shifted for me from urgent to expansive
  • how the energy around my offerings shifted
  • how my creativity flourished, resulting in these!
  • the books I’m reading and how one of them sparked a mindset shift from scarcity to abundance for me
  • living in one of the largest cities in South Asia and new experiences because of the hibernation
  • how transitioning out of hibernation correlates to the crossover from inner winter to spring in the menstrual cycle
  • the anxiety attack I had coming back onto Instagram
  • and the hope I have to make this a yearly routine and get better at rest with each passing year

I recognize the immense privilege I have that I could take 6 weeks off of work and not risk too much and know that I have savings to fall back on. I am hopeful for those of you that do not have that privilege, that are working 2 or 3 jobs just to meet your basic needs, that first, capitalism will come crumbling down and second, that something in my podcast with allow you to implement at least 1% more rest in your life.

Happy Listening!



The cycle news in this episode can be found here and here are practical ways you can help alleviate period poverty in the United States:

  • Donate menstrual products to your local houseless shelter. Find one close to you here.
  • If you are a part of a college community, see if there is a student group or faculty willing to fund free products on campus.
  • Donate funds to #happyperiod who specifically support Black menstruators.

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